The Benefits of eTherapy

Wolfleg Counseling believes that the Internet is a dynamic and diverse community, and is an excellent method for delivering professional online counseling and therapy services.

The Benefits of Internet Counseling Include:

* No traveling

* It’s affordable, private, safe and discreet

* It’s easily accessible if you are disabled or incapacitated

* It’s a viable alternative when traditional therapy isn’t available

* It can be less intimidating and there’s no stigma attached

* You can request a single consult or ongoing services

* You have options and you’re in control!

There are some limitations to online counseling. The absence of face-to-face contact with a professional counselor is problematic for some people, and online counseling is subject to the lack of body language and verbal cues commonly associated with Internet communications. Sometimes there are also technical issues which can affect your Internet counseling services such as power outages, Internet lag times and various ISP e-mail delivery issues. However, e-counseling provides you the opportunity to connect and form a professional relationship. As with any counseling venue you choose, your healing and growth depends upon your own willingness to open up. And, keep in mind that e-transmissions conducted on the job or at school may be subject to employer or university policies and privacy restrictions.

With Wolfleg Counseling you choose the level of services you want such as professional consultation, pre-counseling, brief treatment therapy, or a more traditional counseling approach. Services are provided at your comfort level in your own home with privacy. This can be a key factor if you are dealing with difficult issues that often create a sense of shame or embarrassment, obstacles that needn’t prevent you from seeking the help you need. At Wolfleg Counseling all questions and issues are welcome! And, if at any time it is assessed that you need traditional medical attention or standard face-to-face treatment, or Wolfleg Counseling can’t provide you services for any other reason, you’ll be referred back to your local community for service provision.

Also, you can work with Wolfleg Counseling using a customary one-on-one approach or elect to involve others in your life that you see as being beneficial to your healing. If directed by you the primary client, Wolfleg Counseling can work in partnership with other professionals and individuals such as pastors, probation officers, psychiatrists, spouses and other professionals or agencies. This would have to be authorized by you the primary client, and only with your written authorization to do so. The choice is always yours!


Wolfleg Counseling has been providing psychotherapy and mindfulness based cognitive therapy to clients for more than twenty years in the Iowa City, Coralville and surrounding area. We have helped many people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. We believe all people can learn to calm themselves to the degree that they can hear a deeper, clearer voice of knowing within themselves that will lead them to solutions for and insights into their own challenges. We see our job as supporting and encouraging this self discovery.