In-office Therapy Payment Options

Wolfleg Counseling accepts:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
Title Nineteen,
and Checks.

Wolfleg Counseling will also accept
Master Card, Visa Card, and PayPal
payments through this website.
All transactions are encrypted and are handled
by PayPal's secure online payment system.

Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal, Check, and Cash rates are
$75 for one hour or $250 for one month of therapy services. There are other payment options for times other than one hour or one month.

To pay by Master Card, Visa Card, or PayPal,
click on the appropriate payment button below.

$75 for one hour of in-office therapy:

$250 for one month of in-office therapy:

Other payment options:

price options

Wolfleg Counseling

Wolfleg Counseling provides professional and personalized in-office psychotherapy and counseling services in Iowa City, Iowa, in a safe and caring environment. Wolfleg Counseling is committed to offering personalized professional mental health and emotional health counseling services through person-to-person counseling. Wolfleg Counseling's services are affordable, convenient, confidential, and encouraging. We provide Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, Therapy, Grief Counseling, Depression Mental Health Counseling in Iowa City. Our Mental Health Counselors and Mental Health Counselor are trained professionals.